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Kingdom Reign Church 

Purposing to Impact the World in Which We Live!

Kingdom Reign church (KRC) established in the Chimney Hill area of Virginia Beach and is a non-profit (501c3) organization with over 15 years of structured documented community involvement that provided health and dental screenings, clothing, food and youth engagements that included sports, camping, and field trips. 

Dr. Burnell T. Williams founder and representative of KRC is committed to the development of successful adolescents. Grace M. Williams is the presiding bishop. The main purpose of this organization is to build and develop partnerships with non-profit organizations and programs, groups, agencies, churches, businesses, schools and government agencies throughout the local and regional communities to impact the lives of families or those who desire greater opportunities for improvement.

Join Pastor Sharon Marshall
KRC Baton Rouge LA

Join Bishop Grace M. Williams

KRC Virginia Beach VA 

Pastor Jay Youngblood
Virginia Beach, VA

Pastor Sarah E. Cullen
Virginia Beach, VA 


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