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About Global Kingdom Connections (GKC)

"Creating Kingdom Culture"

Global Kingdom Connection

We believe our purpose is to invite as many people as possible within our sphere of influence to become connected to the prayer line. It is through the prayer line people's hearts are connected. By having communion with God (who is the King) about His kingdom being established in the earth we will birth global assignments. 

To Support C4GD Global Initiatives please donate below:

Global Kingdom Connection Partners 

$10 Silver Package:

1.  Weekly teachings covering various aspects of the kingdom of God.  

2.  Twice a week you will have access to live social media feeds from Facebook live.  

3.  Partners will receive a Certificate of Partnership

$15 Gold Package:

1.  Silver Package 

2.  Plus 20% discounts on all published books and materials

$20 Platinum Package: 

1. Gold Package 

2. MP3 audio recordings of available teaching

 $25 Diamond Package

  1.  Platinum Package

  2.  Mentorship: 

    A. Mentoring will involve after teachings discussions and explanations

    B.  Strategy Marketplace Planning for profit (business) and nonprofit (community) organizations

    C.  Chartered Community Programs: currently established to impact your community while attracting financial resources to perform the following civic services (economic, education and healthcare)

    D.  18K Lapel Pin (GKC)


Over $25 Diamond Plus 

1. Diamond Package

2. Round Circle Membership

 “For any questions, comments and/or request please email” 

[email protected] or call Doris Boss, President of GKC Partnerships at 601-660-2614


Global Kingdom Connection Prayer Line Monday and Fridays at 6 am est.
Call 1-515-604-9000
Pass Code 562913
To become a partner today, please contact us below: 

Join GKC on Facebook Live

Sunday 9:30 am to 11:00 am EST

Wednesday 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm EST

We believe everything is birth through prayer. So, it is our goal to link the entire globe through our Global Kingdom Connections (GKC) prayer line. Gather individuals to pray for the kingdom of God to come and the will of God to be done. However, after praying systems will be developed to establish a pipeline to establish ventures in communities where those who have connected to the prayer line live.

Global Kingdom Connections is excited you have joined us in our prayer initiatives!
Thank you so much. We will contact you very soon!
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