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Global Kingdom Connection Partnerships Monthly Payment 

*Please add a 2.5% service charge for Pay Pal, debit cards and credit card payments. 

example: to pay $25.00 submit $25.63  


Global Kingdom Connection Partners 

$10 Silver Package:

1.  Weekly teachings covering various aspects of the kingdom of God.  

2.  Twice a week you will have access to live social media feeds from Facebook live. 

3.  Partners will receive a Certificate of Partnership

$15 Gold Package:

1.  Silver Package 

2.  Plus 20% discounts on all published books and materials

$20 Platinum Package: 

1. Gold Package 

2. MP3 audio recordings of available teaching

 $25 Diamond Package

  1.  Platinum Package

  2.  Mentorship: 

    A. Mentoring will involve after teachings discussions and explanations

    B.  Strategy Marketplace Planning for profit (business) and nonprofit (community) organizations

    C.  Chartered Community Programs: currently established to impact your community while attracting financial resources to perform the following civic services (economic, education and healthcare)

    D.  18K Lapel Pin (GKC)

Over $25 Diamond Plus 

1. Diamond Package

2. Round Circle Membership

 “For any questions, comments and/or request please email” 

[email protected] or call Doris Boss, President of GKC Partnerships at 601-660-2614