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Career Innovations of America 

Preparing Today, Strengthening Tomorrow!

Career Innovations of America

Career Innovations of America (CIOA) is an alternative academic high school and practical career business model that helps individuals ages of 16 - 24 who are not faring well or dropped out of the traditional public school educational model to prepare for successful academic completion and productive employment opportunities. 

Outcomes of this initiative are 80% completion for high school career diploma, marketable job skills for entry level employment, job search assistance or guidance, job placement and post-employment coaching. CIOA build youth from their foundation to their future!

CIOA XSTREAM Community Impact Program

CIOA XSTREAM is Career Innovations of America's community impact program that provides integrated out-of-school STEM events and activities. Youth get the opportunity to explore STEM for future career options or just to have fun in a safe environment. www.cioaxstream.com.