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Welcome to the Kingdom


Welcome to the Kingdom is a book that will give the reader an amazing understanding of the Father’s heart concerning His true intentions for mankind. God made man to house His glory or His presence. God has always wanted to abandon the heavens to come to the earth and live in His most valued creation, man. Welcome to the Kingdom is an interesting look at the invasion of the Kingdom of God. God never wanted man to live in heaven. Man was made for the earth. This book reveals many things that have been hidden for far too long. Your theology, religion and doctrine will be re-examined. Did God want us to live in heaven or here on earth? Why is everyone living to go heaven while God wants to come liver here on earth We were created to have dominion, with the Kingdom of God living and ruling us here on earth. These simple transformative truths will cause the reader to clearly understand the gospel of the kingdom. So, Welcome to the Kingdom.

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