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Out of Dry Places


This is beyond the shadow of doubt one of the most profound books I have ever READ. It can serve church leaders, professional counselors, churchgoers, and just about anyone who is interested in going from what appears to be a dead end situation into a world of opportunities. What an amazing illustration of the pathology of what is the root cause of landing in dry places. We all have to read this book even if we are well watered gardens. It gives revelation knowledge of the depths of spiritual sickness and how it relates to the various natural manifestations pointed out in this book. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to perform a self examination as to whether you are somewhere in this pathology of spiritual dryness. However, no matter where you may be this book gives guidance and direction for freeing yourself as the kingdom of God emerges in your life. This book is designed to empower every reader no matter where you are in your spiritual walk.

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